Frequently Asked Questions

The questions we are sure you'd like to ask:

1. Where are your products made?

The products listed in "Our products" category are made by us locally in Poland. We use Polish fabrics, sublimation inks and labor. The products in "Merchandise" category are printed by us on base products made by someone else - we work with world's most recognizable ready-to-print manufacturers.  

2. How do you ship your products?

To ensure fast and reliable shipping that is also trackable and affordable for global customers, we decided to ship order with Polish Postal Service. For all the details please resort to our shipping policy.

3. What is the Watermelon Program?

We were looking for a quantifiable way of letting you know how your money spent with us translates to help for Ukraine. We decided to alter our loyalty program and change it's points into watermelons - the symbol of Kherson and Ukrainian liberty. The Watermelon Program lets you gather points that will be exchanged to products we ship to Ukraine. As the program is basically a "one balaclava donated for one balaclava sold" model, we let you finance the donations also with products that are cheaper. While one balaclava purchase earns 10 watermelons, smaller product purchases earn smaller numbers of points. More info on Watermelon Points is available here.

4. The currency conversion rates are a bit high/low...

We don't want this to be an elephant in the room so we are frank about this - to make sure you feel safe while shopping with us, we choose payment partners that are popular worldwide. We offer payments in many currencies but our local currency is Polish Złoty. Due to the policies enforced by payment service providers, businesses in Poland are forced to pay higher margins than businesses in US. To make matters worse, our local currency (in which we pay all of our costs), is exchanged at very unfavorable rate from USD, EUR, GBP or CAD. Our conversion rates are a reflection of the costs induced on us by the payment service providers. 

5. Are you a charity?

We are a business. The products involved in the Watermelon Program are sold to you at our regular prices but the fact that the purchases finance production of winter products for Ukraine means they are technically sold at around 50% discount. The margins we get are the lowest we can have to keep our business running.

6. How are you going to deliver the Watermelon Program funded products to Ukraine? How will I know this actually happened?

The products we make for Ukraine get there withRenegade Relief Runners team. We already did help a couple of Ukrainian families personally throughout March and April 2022 - you can find more information here.

The donated products will be delivered to Ukraine in batches and all of our customers involved in those batches will be informed by us how their purchases helped. Our reports will cover not only where the product was delivered but also which order numbers financed certain batch.

7. Can I choose how my money will help Ukraine?

Yes you can and this is one of the best parts of the Watermelon Program. After inquiries from you we decided to make balaclavas for the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also for Ukrainian kids suffering from power and heating outages. After you place and pay your order, your watermelon points will be stored in your customer account. While signed in, you can use this link to decide what products you can finance with your points.

8. Can I just buy products for Ukraine?

Yes. The "Gifts for Ukraine" category contains products that you can just buy to be delivered to Ukraine. The shipping of these products will be free of charge as they will be added to the batches of help we deliver. IMPORTANT: These products (of course!) also gather Watermelon Points! You can either spend these points on more products here (while signed in), or if you don't we will just make one more SAME product for every one you pay for.

9. I have an idea for a product!

That's great, make sure you contact us through our special idea contact form here.

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